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Bhutan Travel Guide

Bhutan Travel Guide

Bhutan Travel Guide

Bhutan Overview

Land of the Thunder Dragon….!

Bhutan is one of the most exotic destinations in the world today. This kingdom, often referred to as the last Shangri-la, is a land of outstanding people, remarkable scenery & natural wonders and a proud & vibrant culture. This unique and rare place remained isolated from the rest of the world and no tourism existed until 1974 preserving the rich natural environment and lively Buddhist culture. This kingdom with mystery has finally opened its doors to visitors. Today Bhutan has become one of the most exotic destinations for many international travelers. Every traveler has a lot to anticipate as each minute is exciting to discover a kingdom with incredibly unique and treasured tradition, culture, religion and natural environment which Bhutanese people still strives to preserve in the face of modernity. You can discover the cultural and natural wonders of this last remaining Mahayana Buddhist kingdom of the Himalaya.

Although as large as Switzerland, Bhutan's population is well under a million people, and its sparsely inhabited hill and mountain tracts are a natural paradise. Bhutan has a pristine environment, almost no pollution, and a living culture where festivals and cultural events are a part of daily life. Though the country is known as Bhutan to the outside world, to Bhutanese it has been known as Druk Yul ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. The people call themselves Drukpas.

This land lock kingdom lies between the world's giants, India and the Tibetan region of China, Bhutan is today slowly opening up to the world through a sensitive approach to tourism and made a decision to follow a policy of “high value, low volume” tourism to limit the number of visitors and protect itself from the negative effects of tourism. Potential visitors to this unique country should be admitted as part of a pre-arranged, all-inclusive tour and that has a high daily charge placed on all tourists. Each foreign visitor is required to spend a minimum of US$250 per day and the government uses US$95 of this daily minimum payment to fund free education and health services for all its citizens and to upgrade the country’s infrastructure.