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About Nepal

About Nepal

Nepal - Overview
‘Nepal!’ Himalayas formed in mind itself. More than 240 peaks over 20,000 ft (6,096 m) above sea level; and 8 highest peaks including the highest point on the earth Mount Everest are located in the northern part of Nepal. No such massive Himalayas can be found elsewhere. With the presents of Himalayas many major rivers flows all over the country and beautiful lakes formed in many destinations which makes it second richest country in water resources.

Huge bio-diversity and cultural diversity in a tiny area cannot be found elsewhere. Lower altitude 67m in Terai Region to higher altitude 8848m in Northern Region in the distance of 150 km resulting into climatic conditions from Sub-tropical to Arctic. Similarly more than 50 ethnic groups live in Nepal and most of their cultures are untouched by modernity.
Nepal was used to be one of the richest countries in the greenery. Even though, it has maintained 31,436 km2 lands as a protected area out of total land 147,181 km2 where one can observe the various flora and fauna.

Nepal is the birth place of Buddha. So the Nepal is renowned as peace land and also the mother land of Buddhism. Nepal is an only Hindu state in the world. Religious tolerance or harmony in religion is a great asset of Nepal. One can see the Hindu Temple in all Buddhist stupas as well the combined sculptures of Buddhist and Hindu deity. No disputes occurred in the name of religion.

In gist Nepal is reach in nature and culture; and iris of the world, because of which it is an intriguing and welcoming destination for all.

A Land locked sovereign kingdom basseted by the China to the North and by the India on its other borders with the north latitudes - 26 22 to 30 27 and east longitude 80 4 to 88 12. The length of the kingdom is 885 km. east - west, and its breadth varies from 145 to 241 km. north - south.
Area: 147,181 sq. kilometers.
Altitude: Varies from 70 meters to 8848 meters.
Capital: Kathmandu.

Nepal offers an astonishing topographical variation with the attitude ranging from 70 meters. The country can be divided into three main geographical regions:
Himalayan region (4500-8848)
Mountain / Mid Hill Valleys Region(700-4500 m)
Terai Region (70-700 m)