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Black Diamond Expedition is an expert on the adventure & experiential travel in Himalayas. Our Adventure Experts travel the Himalayan region to uncover the very best cultures, destinations and off-the-beaten path to ensure that your trip is unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Black Diamond Expedition offers both privately guided and small group trips, we thoroughly review all of our itineraries to ensure they meet a rigorous set of quality standards. We only offer the very best trips with the very best Safety to deliver a fabulous travel experience and ensure that our travelers go away—and Come Back Different.

Every year, Black Diamond Expedition helps thousands of vacationers, adventure seekers, large and diverse audience of travelers from around the world by finding safe and memorable adventure, great accommodations, planning relaxing luxury vacations and pursue exciting adventures thought of Himalaya.

As a tour operator, we do book any trips, make reservations or lead tours. We help to plan holiday’s services on-line very efficiently and promptly and fulfill the preferred needs effectively.

Black Diamond Expedition is a comprehensive resource for travelers who want just a romantic bed & breakfasts or luxury vacation rentals, few days trekking in lower hills or months long mountaineering of Everest, a day adventurous activity or international trip.

A group of innovative and adventure travel expert team has been in business for over 20 years won numerous awards, formed a Black Diamond Expedition.

Our philosophy
Black Diamond Expedition really does believe in its philosophy, "Safety First, Do It!" A precisely designed itinerary program, pre-information from our travel expert before the trip and well set of skillful team of staffs ensure your safety while you are with us.

Some websites focus on extreme adventures, others focus on romantic holidays, and still others focus on a particular destination with specific activities. But most travelers enjoy a variety of experiences and destinations on their vacations. Our goal is to offer those verities of vacations opportunities from easy tours to extreme adventures.

Some people seem to know exactly where they want to go and what they want to do. But we think that most people spend weeks or months thinking about and planning a vacation. They consider all the options of when, where, how much, and with whom. They get ideas and look up destinations and their interests on the web, talk to their friends, read an article or two and sleep on it. Black Diamond Expedition is created to help fellow travelers seek out new adventures and experiences. Whatever their interests and wherever they may be in life, we provide a valuable resource of travel information, ideas and options to plan traveler's exciting adventures.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Tourism
Not only do Black Diamond Expedition wants to invite you to the farthest corners of the Himalaya, we want to do so in a way that preserves the local environments, culture and communities we sell. This way the Himalaya’s most exciting regions will stay that way for generations to come. We consider the partners who follow the sustainable tourism policies and provide clean and high quality services. We are the expert team to guide our associates in Sustainable Tourism where we do the tour through the urban region to remote villages of the Himalayas.

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